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What is the BCDC?     Vision and Purpose   |   Values   |   Scope  

The BCDC aims to serve as an influential force advocating for change in BC provincial government policies affecting children and youth with support needs. Through data-sharing and dialogue with each other, we will set goals, amplify voices, and influence BC policy to better serve children and youth with support needs.


Our scope is to:

  • Listen to and amplify our communities’ voices: Listen to the voice of lived experience and bring this directly to the government, on behalf of all children and youth with support needs and their families.

  • Share data and information: Rely on this diverse group as a learning base to share relevant data among group members, for better collaboration and communication.

  • Set collective goals: Learn from each other’s perspectives, in order to set and pursue annual goals, strategies, and tactics.

  • Influence policy and legislation: Advocate and activate legislative and policy changes related to the protected rights of disabled citizens at the Provincial level.


What we’re not here to do:

  • Service provision: The BCDC’s focus is on advocacy, action, and accountability, not service provision/delivery.

  • Advocacy that applies only to a specific disability group, rather than development of an equitable system of services for all children and youth with support needs.

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